The main menu appears at the top of the picture on the opening screen.

1. Select the MARC file you wish to work with:

Select 'File|Select MARC' from the main menu
Find the file that you want to review
Click Open

If you do not select a file, the program will default to a 100 record test file that is distributed with the program.

NOTE: MARC Report runs on records in MARC format. If you are planning to run MARC Report on records from an automated system, you will normally need to export the records to MARC format.

2. To check for errors in a file of MARC records, viewing one record after another:

Select 'File|Run|Record by record' from the main menu

A tagged record appears in the main window, and brief error messages appear in a window at the top right. The window below the Brief messages is called the 'Notes' window; if no other action is performed, the Notes window will display a series of hints on how to better use the program.

Click on a brief message to display an explanatory note in the Notes window, and to position the cursor in the MARC record where the error referred to appears.

Use the navigation bar at the bottom right to move forward and backward through the file.

3. To generate a batch report of all the errors in a file of MARC records:

Select 'File|Run|Batch mode' from the main menu
Click <Yes> if asked to overwrite the previous report 

Wait while validation is run and the report is compiled. If the report is not too large, it will automatically be opened in 'Notepad' when the program has completed.

Uninstalling MARC Report

Follow these steps to uninstall MARC Report:

Click the 'Start' button on your Windows Task Bar 
Select 'Settings', then select 'Control Panel'
Double-click on 'Add/Remove Programs'
Select the 'MARC Report' entry in the list of programs
Click the 'Add/Remove' button

If the uninstaller says that it did not complete, it usually means that a file created during installation has been moved or deleted. Any remaining files can be manually removed from the system by deleting this folder from your system:

C:\Program Files\TMQ\Marc Report

NOTE: Once the program has been uninstalled, you will need a valid registration key in order to use it again.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email TMQ at: tmq@marcofquality.com

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