MARC Report 238: Problems resolved

  • A number of minor corrections were made to the cataloging checks added in recent versions to support RDA in MARC. Also in this area, we have tried to reduce the number of redundant messages that would appear in certain situations.
  • In the 'version 3' interface, the 'Find/Next' box (Find the next record with the selected error) would disappear whenever a 'perfect' record was encountered. Fixed in 238.
  • In the 'version 3' interface, pressing 'Save' while viewing the record in 'X View' (ie. XML View) would discard any changes made in 'MARC View' and corrupt the result. Fixed in 238.
  • In the version 3 interface, some of the help documentation for fixed fields refers to behavior that is only present in the standard interface. Fixed in 238.
  • The 'List macros' option (for the version 3 interface) did not reportnewly-added macros (the options form would have to be closed and re-opened). Fixed in 238.
  • The menu option on the Options form–'Reset this page to the default'–did not do what it said it would do (it simply did nothing). Fixed in 238.


  • A problem with autoreviews in MARC Global, where a saved review may work on its own, but not when added to an autoreview, has been fixed. (This problem was contingent on the options used by the saved reviews in the autoreview, as well as the MARC data).
  • A problem with the Case sensitive option in MARC Global has been fixed.
  • Recent changes made to MARC Review/MARC Global to support PCRE (Perl-compatible regular expressions) may have 'obsoleted' saved reviews made in earlier versions of the program. A detailed note describing the specific incompatibility may be found here; however, no changes will be made regarding this issue.
  • An error message “Unknown parameter truncateRE” would pop-up everytime the cmx utility (command-line support for import/export of MARCXML) was run. Fixed in 238.
  • In MARC Review, when adding tags to the 'List of tags' on the Text Output page, it was not possible to repeat the same tag and maintain a user-specified tag order–the program would always sort the list because of the behavior of the 'Allow dupes' option (This option allows the same tag to be appear more than once in the list of tags, something that is necessary to output subfields as separate pieces of text, eg. 260a, 260b, 260c). Fixed in 238–The list of tags will no longer be sorted if the 'Allow dupes' option is selected.
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