MARC Report 236: Problems resolved

  • Several cataloging checks intended for the numeric portions of corporate headings (subfields $c, $d, $n) would also run on the tag 510 note field in bib records. Fixed in 236.
  • The OCLC validation table was out of date. One symptom of this problem would be an error message saying that '050 is not a repeatable field'. Fixed in 236. A workaround for this problem is to disable the OCLC table on the 'Validation' page of the options.
  • Validation of the source code in tag 257 subfield $2 was not working. Fixed in 236.
  • The fixed field labels used for the Leader in the Authority and MFHD formats contained some captions that were applicable only to the Bibliographic format. (This problem would not affect the data stored therein.) Fixed in 236.
  • The cataloging check for Authorities 4XX/5XX subfield $w/0 erroneously stated that 'LC does not use $i' when $w/0 was coded 'r'. Fixed in 236 (as long as $w/0 is coded 'r', then subfield $i–or subfield $4–is allowed).
  • MARC Report would not open a file if the first record in the file did not include at least one subfield delimiter1)–Fixed in 236.
  • Fixed a few minor glitches in the positions reported by the program for invalid characters. Also, improved cursor positioning for end-of-field punctuation errors in fields that end with numeric subfields.
  • The cataloging check that compared dates in the 050 with dates in the 260$c considered only the first date in the 260; it will now look at the second date (eg. copyright date, original date of a reprint), if there is one.


  • MARC Review/MARC Global would count a pattern match more than once (in the 'Results' statistics) if the same tag was present in more than one pattern and each pattern matched. Fixed in 236.
  • Autoreviews (MARC Review/MARC Global) exported to XML that contained embedded boolean operators would not run correctly when there was only one review in the autoreview. Fixed in 236.
  • MARC Analysis categorized an 008 Date of '2011' as an 'Error'. Fixed in 236; now, any value within three years (+3) of the current year will be enumerated, and only values greater than that will be categorized as an 'Error'.
  • MARC Analysis might generate an exception if the file being analyzed contained only one record with only one field (eg. a record containing only the 001 field). Fixed in 236.
  • When using the 'Concatenate files' utility to join .Xml files, the wrapping element added by the program lacked a closing bracket. Beginning with version 236, there will no longer be special processing for XML files2).
  • In the MARCXML utilities, the option to output conversion results to individual files (one file for each record) did not work. Fixed in 236.
  • There was a bug in the text file registration method–for MARC Global users only. Fixed in 236.
as this was one of the tests that the program would use to determine the 'MARC'-ness of a file
We are working on a separate, XML-aware, utility for the concatenation of XML files
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