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January 2015, ALA Midwinter, Chicago

Want to see how RDA might look in a non-MARC world?

Check out RIMMF, the 'Jane-athon', and R-Balls

January 2013: “OCLC RDA Policy Statement”

How does OCLC plan to handle RDA? More Hybridization on the way!

November 2012: 'Bibframe' model announced.

'Work' remains. 'Expression' disappears. 'Manifestation' becomes 'Instance'. 'Item' is 'Annotation'. PFC + COEP = 'Authority'.

October 2012: “Report of the PCC Post-Implementation Hybrid Bibliographic Records Guidelines Task Group”

“Hybridization. The process of adding RDA cataloging elements to a non-RDA bibliographic record”. Is this a good thing?

June 2011: “Library of Congress May Begin Transitioning Away from MARC”

This is an interesting article expanding upon the LC announcement re “Transforming our Bibliographic Framework”. It is sounding more and more like the LC decision re RDA implementation will be “Yes, we will implement, but not in MARC”. But if that is the case, the next big question is “When will we have a replacement for MARC, so that we can implement RDA?”

May 2011: “Transforming our Bibliographic Framework: A Statement from the Library of Congress”

Very interesting announcement that seems to be pointing towards implementation of RDA in something other than MARC.

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