Program changes in 2.32

Most of the changes made to the program that are listed on this page are a result of user suggestions.


  • New options added to Batch Mode – Details
  • Improved support for MARC-8 and UTF-8 data validation – Details


  • Check for 300 $b abbreviation 'ports' missing period added – Details
  • False hits for filing indicator check reduced – Details
  • Internal Format of codelist.txt changed – Details
  • Validation option now persists when disabled – Details
  • Diacritics editor upgraded to support UTF-8 codes – Details
  • More thorough checking of MARC-8 foreign script encoding – Details


  • Concantenate Files supports marcXml – Details
  • MARC Analysis adds new category for UTF-8 data – Details
  • MARC Review: support for subfield code patterns – Details
  • MARC Review: behavior of same tag patterns changed – Details
  • MARC Review: new option to include review description – Details
  • Verify Utility: options saved from one session to another – Details
  • Verify Utility: alphabetic tag conversion now supports user-nameable tables – Details
  • Verify Utility: two new statistics added – Details
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