Filing Indicator check reports too many errors

We have attempted to reduce the 'noise level' of the filing indicator checks in version 2.32

First, this check is often tripped when the first byte of the first word of a title contains diacritics. In this case it displays a message to saying it 'cannot parse the first word'.

Beginning with 2.32, if the first byte of a title contains a valid UTF-8 character, and the leader is coded appropriately, the program will suppress this message.

Also in 2.32, a stoplist of common English words which are also articles in other languages, and commonly appear at the head of titles, has been added. If the language code of a record is 'eng', and any of these words appear at the head of the title, and the filing indicator is set to '0', any filing indicator message will be suppressed. This stoplist includes the following articles/words: As Am Die Den Hen He I It O Ten To Ton US

Note that there is also a way to customize Non-Filing Article messages within the program itself using an exception table – Details

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