Alphabetic tags and MARC Report

By 'alphabetic tag', we mean a tag that contains 1 or more letters in place of the usual numbers 000-999. For example, 'CAT', 'SYS', 'FIN', 'A02', etc.

The Verify utility can take a file containing alphabetic tags (which are not supported in MARC21, but are supported by the underlying ISO standard) and render them in a MARC-like fashion. (For complete information about this process, please read the help page in Verify).

This option requires a conversion table, since each alphabetic tag must be converted to a numeric tag (typically a 9XX tag) in order for the record to be used in MARC Report.

In the past, the filename for this conversion table was fixed (alphaTagTable.txt); in version 2.32, this filename is user-configurable. When Verify begins, clicking on the option 'Support alphabetic tags' will open a navigation dialog that can be used to select the conversion table to be used. (HR)

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