Updating to MARC Report 232 from Older Versions

This page describes whats different about updating to MARC Report 232 from version 230 or lower.

In MARC Report version 231, we made a number of changes to support Vista and (some configurations of) XP. The main thrust of these changes was to move all files that the average user might create, modify, and/or delete into the folders specified by the current Microsoft guidelines (prior to MARC Report version 231, many of these files were located in the C:\Program files tree).

The installer for MARC Report 231 created a new folder layout, and the first time MARC Report 231 ran, it copied the new layout into place, and then moved the existing options into their new location.

If you are updating to 232 from 231, then none of this applies.

However, if you have a version lower than 231, then the 232 installer will:

  • generate the new (with 231) folder layout
  • try to find your existing MARC Report program folder
  • try to glean your program version from the existing executable, and
  • write a temporary file to the shared documents folder

The first time MARC Report 232 runs, if it sees the temporary file in the shared documents folder, it will try to run the same code that we used in version 231 to copy the new layout into place, etc. When this file copying is complete, a message will pop-up to that effect, and the program will need to be restarted.

This reproduction of the 231 upgrade process has worked well in our testing. But because of the various and sundry security measures now being used to protect computers, its possible that one of the steps in the process might be blocked or subverted in such a way that the 232 upgrade process partially succeeds/fails. And in this case, your old options might not be successfully copied into place.

For this reason, if you have customized MARC Report at all, we recommend that you make a backup copy of your Options folder before running the 232 update. The default location for this folder would be C:\Program Files\TMQ\MARC Report\Options

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