MARC Report 241: Problems resolved

  • There was a problem in the Cancelled Message behavior–for the 'shared sets' environment only. If messages were cancelled, going into the program Options after starting a session would clear the cancelled messages cache. Fixed in 241 (and 240c).
  • Some cross checks for Tag 300 subfield $b did not take into account the possibility that tag 300 might be repeated. Fixed in 241 (and 240c).
  • An error without a message would display whenever tag 382 appeared in a bib record. Fixed in 241 (and 240c). (The Brief message that appeared would simply say 'Catchecker.')
  • Message #43380145, which stated– “338 (Carrier type) contains the term 'object' in 338$a or code 'nr' in 338$b and so requires the corresponding 000/06 (Type of record) code 'r' (Three-dimensional artifact or naturally occurring object)” –was deleted, since it was pointed out that an 'object' might contain 'text', 'sound', etc. Fixed in 241 (and 240c).

  • The new check for errant dollar signs was falsely making hits on library organization codes containing '$'. We've added tags 035 and 040 as exceptions to this check.
  • A cataloging check that warned for missing 007 fields was mistakenly being displayed for resources coded as 'objects' in 338. Fixed in 241.
  • A punctuation check for 245 wrongly reported an error when the title proper ended in '?' and was followed by subfield $n (or subfield $p). Fixed in 241.
  • Same problem as above for 240 and subfield $l (eg. 240 10$aWie heeft de dikste billen?$lEnglish). Fixed in 241.
  • A cross check of the 008 and 300 $b wrongly reported an error because the 300 field was repeated and the check in question looked only at the first occurrence. This particular problem is fixed in 241.
  • The 'Invalid Character' routine was not reporting carriage returns in UTF8 records unless an option to check spacing at the end of the line was turned on (and it is turned off by default). This is fixed in 241, along with a much better message on how to fix the problem (as CR/LF are more or less invisible in the default view)
  • Two stylsheets were distributed in 240 that will not work in MARC Report. These will be deleted by the 241 installer: MODS3-4_MARC21slim_XSLT1-0.xsl, and MARC21slim_MODS3-4_XSLT2-0.xsl
  • The cross check for 008 Date Type = 't' against copyright date in 264 was a bit too literal–it would produce an error if a copyright date was not present in the first 264 Ind2=4 subfield $c. (Although 264 I2 $c is the new preferred location for copyright, other more specific messages be shown to alert the user to this problem).
  • The Help page displayed '[no description present]' for the description column for each item in a source code list. Fixed in 241.
  • The link to the Help page for Edit Macros was broken. Fixed in 241.
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