MARC Report 260: Problems resolved

We noticed that if we use the Check for updates option (on the main window's Help menu), the connection attempt will get an error if we are using our VPN. We don't know if this issue applies to all VPNs. The specific problem is related to name resolution.

MARC Report version 260 avoids this problem by using the server's IP address to fetch the current version info.

But if you still have this problem, one solution is to select the MARC Report wiki option (on the same menu). This option uses your default browser to make the connection; the first wiki page that loads will include the current program version number.

Of course, another obvious thing to try would be to turn off the VPN before selecting the option, then turn it on again when the update check completes.

Another problem that came to our attention was this: if the current MARC record contains an invalid character(s), and we try to view the record in the XML view, the XML parser will crash on the first offending character, and spit out an error message like this:

MARC Report 260 tries to intercept changes to XML view in this type of situation and instead presents the user with the following message:

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