MARC Report 243: Problems resolved

  • In MARC Help, the 'Change' button had stopped working for fixed field elements (introduced in 242). Fixed.
  • The 'Output each occurrence' option on the MARC Review Text Export page was not functioning (since approx version 239). Fixed.
  • The results dialog box for the Concatenate Files utility always opened on the Desktop (even when the new 'Desktop' checkbox was not checked). Fixed.
  • Two of the long notes for cataloging checks about abbreviations in 300 $b referred to completely unrelated problems; fixed out in 243.
  • Several typos in boilerplate messages for cataloging checks about 264 were fixed (eg. we had: 'subfield $c (Date of Publication) contains the word 'not'; if the place cannot be identified …'; we should have said: '… if the date cannot be identified …'
  • The caption for the 'Find Next record' feature did not change when the type of search changed (eg. when searching for the next record without an error, the caption still read 'Find next record with:'). Fixed.
  • It was not possible to add the Greek upsilon character to the diacritics menu (because it contained the character used by the program for the MARC subfield delimiter). Fixed.
  • The hybridizer (F10) routine returned 'sounds' as the default for Content type (336a) in some cases; this logic was reversed so that 'spoken word' will now be returned as the default (unless of course code 's' is present in 008/30)
  • This version tries to fix a problem with saved window positions being 'off the screen' after changing video equipment (thus giving the impression that the program is not running).
  • This version should resolve a startup problem that was introduced into the summer update to 242 (to update the validation tables for MARC21 Update No. 18). The symptom was not always the same and did not affect all users.
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