MARC Report 2.42: Problems resolved

  • When entering a pattern for an 008 in MARC Review and MARC Global, no template for the Authority format was availabled. Fixed in 242.
  • The formatting for some of the (relatively) newer subfield statistics (patterns, punctuation, length) in MARC Analysis used hard tabs, and this did not match the formatting of the rest of the report. Fixed in 242.
  • The end of field punctuation check for Tag 257 displayed the opposite message (“Does not end in punct.”) of what it should have displayed (“End of field punct. needed”). Fixed in 242.
  • When clicking on a brief message, a detailed note for the brief message is displayed. Sometimes, if the note is long, the top of the note would appear truncated (as the note aligned itself to the bottom of its container instead of the top). Fixed in 242–All notes now align to the top, and in addition, if the complete text of a note is not visible, vertical scrollbars will automatically be added.
  • There was a problem in the Verify utility options: it would write some options using one name, then later try to read these options using another name. The symptom would be that a saved setting could never be reloaded. Fixed in 242.
  • The option on the Program Automation page that sets up a folder for the options backup functioned (or malfunctioned) in an way that was difficult for the user to understand or navigate. Much improved in 242.
  • Importing records that were exported with blank spaces around the subfield delimiters did not work properly. Fixed in 242.
  • In the last few versions (and ever since the new format introduced in 238), starting an Edit Session in 'Record by Record' mode would execute the code that backs up the MARC sourcefile. For most cases, this isn't a problem, but for users opening large files, it may create a lengthy delay. This issue is resolved in 242–There is no need for this backup since the source file cannot be changed in this mode.
  • As you may know, the first time one downloads, installs, and runs the program, a 30-day trial is started. It seems that in some environments this trial sometimes expires very soon after it begins. We have no idea why this is happening, but we are aware of it and trying to come up with an alternate means of 'trialling' the software.

  • In MARC Review, the Text Export option to concatenate all of the occurrences of a display tag into one column (for Excel) was broken. Fixed in 242.
  • In the MARC Help for fixed fields, selecting a code, and pressing 'Change', for an element designed to contain multiple single-byte codes (eg. 008/Illustrations) would blow away any existing codes for that element. Fixed in 242. The program will now concatenate the code selected in Help to the existing data (if the element's length permits)
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