Program changes in 2.33

  • Options for character coding scheme checking improved–Details
  • New cataloging checks for 007 for videos–Details
  • Permalink (F4) now returns UTF-8 records–Details
  • Marc Import (F9) improvements and fixes–Details
  • Text editor (F10) improvements–Details
  • Verify utility and very large corrupt records–Details
  • Punctuation checks now include uniform titles–Details
  • Displaying a record counter in the program caption–Details
  • Marc-to-XML/XML-to-Marc conversion improvements–Details
  • MARC Analysis option to check subfield punctuation–Details
  • Concatenate Files includes support for XML–Details
  • MARC Sort improvement to support file deduping–Details
  • MARC Global filenames: two minor changes–Details
  • MARC Global and the 'Copy Subfield' task–Details
  • MARC Review: Searching for special characters–Details
  • MARC Review Cataloging Checks improvements–Details
  • New option to Add/Update 005 in modified records–Details
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