Marc Import (F9) fixes and improvements

First, most of the improvements made to the text editor (F10, see previous article) have also been added to what happens when you press F9 to import a record from the clipboard.

The program will now automatically remove any empty lines, if applicable, from the text being imported. It will also scan the text for broken fields, and if found, join any text lines that do not begin with MARC tags to the most recent (previous) text line that did begin with a MARC tag.

Of course, all of this text processing is unnecessary, if, when you import records from the LC catalog, you use the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

A few minor problems with the F9 import function have also been fixed.

First, if F8 (Copy to clipboard) and F9 (Import from clipboard) were being used one after the other to quickly duplicate records in a session, the program might generate errors if the options 'Add blank space after indicators' and 'Text subfield delimiter' were customized.

Second, if the 'Text subfield delimiter' was not set to '$', any '$' in the record (eg. 020 $c$10.95) would be imported as a MARC delimiter (and no doubt would generate a brief message for an 'Empty subfield').

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