Making the Text Editor easier to use

By default, the text editor used by MARC Report (when you press F10) requires that every field begin on a new line; also, the first completely blank line in the text editor marks the end of the record. Therefore, if a line of text does not begin with a MARC Tag and a blank space, the text editor will either ignore it, or report it as an error.

In 233, we've added a few minor changes to make text handling easier.

First, when the text editor starts, word wrap will be turned on; in the past, word wrap was turned off until you pressed the 'Wrap' button. Second, a caption has been added to the statusbar that tells you whether 'WordWrap is On' or 'WordWrap is Off', as sometimes this can be hard to tell. And third, when the record is saved, any blank lines at the beginning or end of the record are automatically discarded.

Also in 233 is a change that should make copying and pasting blocks of text easier.

In the past, when copying and pasting text from another source (for example, to create a 520 field), and the data being copied contained carriage returns and/or linefeeds, the text editor would either ignore some of this data when the Save button was pressed, or report an error. In version 233, when you press Save, the text editor will pre-scan the record and attempt to automatically join lines that are broken in this way.

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