Option to Add or Update the 005 in modified records

MARC Report now includes an option to make it easy to add or update the 005 field in modified records. This option is located on the 'Edit Sessions' page, in the 'Miscellaneous' section.

When this option is selected, an 005 will be automatically added to any record that is edited in MARC Report. If the record already contains an 005, and this option is selected, the 005 will be updated to the current date and time. The addition or update of the 005 occurs whenever the 'Save' button is pressed (and thus can be repeated while editing a given record).

MARC Global

A similar option is also available for MARC Global users. In MARC Global this option is available on the 'Global Change' page of the Output Options form:

In MARC Global, the 005 value is generated once at the beginning of the run, which means that when you are processing a file, each changed record in the file will contain the same 005 value.

The 005 option is not applied to records that are not changed.

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