MARC Review cataloging check changes

In 233, a few changes have been made to improve the new MARC Review cataloging checks module.

First, although it is possible in MARC Review to create a review using an 'X' tag (eg., 1XX, 65X, etc.), a few problems would result when saving such a review as a cataloging check.

First, on the 'Add Cataloging Check' form, the program would not allow the 'X' tag to be entered–it would insist on a three-digit numerical tag. This has been fixed in 233–'X' tags can now be entered on this form.

Second, even if one entered a numerical tag in the above scenario (in an attempt to workaround the limitation), the review would never trigger in MARC Report. This also has been fixed in 233–saved reviews using 'X' tags will now generate error messages in MARC Report.

Third, when clicking on a brief message in MARC Report that was generated by a MARC Review cataloging check, the cursor would always be placed on the first occurrence of the referenced tag in the MARC display. This has been fixed in 233; the cursor should now update to correct tag when clicking on an error message.

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