MARC Global filenames in saved reviews

In version 233, MARC Global filenames will no longer be saved in lowercase, as they have been in all versions of the program to date.

This means that you can now create filenames in camelCase notation like this


and, if you save the review, MARC Global will not save the filename in lowercase (ie. deleteoclcnumberfrom035.mrc)

Second, MARC Global will now, by default, save all filenames in saved reviews without the path information. For example, if the following filename were to be used for the 'Changed records' in a review

E:\shared folder\MARC\heather\nlm0908-001.mrc

and the review was saved, the filename that is saved in the review parameters will be 'nlm0908-001.mrc'.

When a review is loaded, and the filenames on the Output Options page do not contain paths, the path will be supplied according to the options on the 'General Options' tab of MARC Global.

If the option 'Always output results to the same folder as the source file' is checked, the path of the sourcefile will be used. Otherwise, the value of the 'Output folder' box will be used for the pathname.

For backward compatibility, use the new option 'Save complete pathnames in saved reviews'.

Saved reviews created with pre-233 versions, that have a path saved with their filenames, will still retain that path when they are loaded into version 233.

The purpose of this change to improve portability in saved reviews.

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