Adding records to an Edit Session

In addition to using F9 to 'paste' a record into an edit session, its possible to drag and drop MARC records onto an Edit Session.

In order for this functionality to be available, you will have to turn on an option that tells MARC Report whether or not it should accept files that are dropped onto it. To do this, goto the Program Automation page of the Options, and enable the option named:

Accept records dropped on MARC Report

Dropped files must be in a standard recognizable format. Supported formats are:

  • MARC Communications format 1)
  • Tagged text (e.g. the format used in MARC Report's Text view)
  • LC's marcbrkr format
  • MARCXML format (XSL conversions are not allowed here)
  • Other proprietary formats not specified


Files dropped on MARC Report should contain only one record. If, for instance, a MARCXML file containing 100 records is dragged and dropped, only the first record will be added to the session. (Use the MARCXML-to-MARC utility to convert the whole file).

Not all variants of all of the supported formats may work (for example, there are dozens of tagged text formats for MARC in use, and each has subtle differences; there are also quite a few flavors of MARCXML too). If you run across a 'variant' that you would like to see supported, please email us a sample.

In general, avoid saving raw MARC records as Windows '.txt' files. Text files are treated differently by Windows and text editors; they may be truncated, or have special characters converted to a windows encoding. These problems are compounded when the source record is being copied from a cataloging system screen. Further, when MARC Report discerns what it thinks is a raw MARC record, it applies standard MARC verification routines to it. Thus, if even a single blank space is missing, MARC validation fails and the record will not import. (A great argument for using MARCXML whenever possible).

sometimes called “raw” marc, or Exchange format; LC exports as 'record.mrc'; OCLC exports as 'export.dat', etc.
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