MARC Report 239: Program changes

  • The behavior of the Diacritic editor in MARC Report was changed very slightly to accomodate copying a character to the clipboard as welll as pasting it into the record. In addition, support for user customization of diacritics has been increased. Details here
  • A simple 'Find' command has been added to the MARC view of the edit session (but if you need a 'Find and Replace' command, use the Text view instead). Details here
  • Records may now be added to an Edit Session by dragging and dropping them onto the session window. Details here
  • A cataloging check was added to check the first Indicator for repeated 260 fields.
  • A cataloging check was added that will generate a brief message if 040$b is present and does not contain 'eng'. Some customers may need to disable this message; the exact message text is:
    040: subf $b is not 'eng'
  • The Sort/Dedupe utility has been updated to allow the user to truncate a sort key at a specified length. Details here
  • In MARC Global, the form used for loading saved reviews has been redesigned to better support auto review users. Details here
  • In MARC Global, support for tweaking the 'laziness' or 'greediness' of a pattern has been added to the Change Data task. Details here
  • In MARC Review/MARC Global, an option was added that will enable/disable the display of no-hits in the results for a 'list review'.
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