MARC Global: Load saved reviews

In MARC Global, pressing the 'Load' button on the main form opens a window where you may select a saved review to run on your file.

In the past, support for auto reviews on this 'Load' form has been minimal; i.e., a small box at the bottom of the form. But as more users develop more auto reviews, it is important to improve access to them.

In 239, this form will now contain two separate tabs, as displayed in the screenshot that follows: one tab for 'Saved reviews', and a second tab for 'Autoreviews':

Note that the new page for Autoreviews uses two columns, so that quite a large number of autos can now be displayed; if you need more, right-click anywhere on the page and the number of columns will increase to 3.

The program remembers which tab was last selected, and will select that tab the next time you press the 'Load' button.

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