MARC Report: 'Find' something in a record view

“Find” in Text view

The Text view interface supports a comprehensive Find and Replace command.

This feature is activated either by pressing <Alt>I or by pressing the Find/Replace button at the bottom of the text view form.

To deactivate the Find/Replace panel, simply press the button, or <Alt>I, a second time.

“Find” in the default MARC view

Recently, we added a 'Find' function to the default MARC view of the record.

However, in version 242, we modified the way that function works. Now, pressing either <Ctrl>F, or selecting 'Find' from the 'View' menu, opens a small dialog in which you may type the text that you want to search:

The dialog always appears on the top right side of the main form; it remains open until you close it, or close the edit session.

When you press 'Find Next', or <Alt>N, the program will search for the entered text in the MARC view of the record and highlight the first match.

The next time that you press 'Find Next', or <Alt>N, the program will highlight the next match, and so on, until no more matches are made. At this point, the program will put the cursor at the very end of the record. To restart the search just press 'Find Next', or <Alt>N again.

To close the 'Find' form, press the 'Close' button.


Because the program selects the matching text, it is easy to replace the text, either by typing over it, or by pasting in something from the clipboard. (For example, 'Find' might be used in combination with the new 'Copy' option of the Diacritic editor: enter a character to be replaced in the 'Find Next' box, select a replacement character from the Diacritic editor using 'Copy', then just press <Ctrl>F, <Ctrl>V to edit all matching characters).

By default, Find is not case-sensitive. So, in the first screenshot above, 'iceland' will also match 'Icelandic'. If you want your search to be case-sensitive, then select the 'Match case' checkbox.

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