Installing MARC Report for the first time

This page describes installing the program from scratch.
If you are reinstalling the program to fix a problem, please follow these steps
If you are installing an update, please follow these steps.

If you do not have Admin privileges on your computer, you will not be able to install the program.
Logout and login as a user with Admin privileges, or find someone to do this for you.

To install the program, first download the software.
Follow the steps here: Download MARC Report

During installation, you will be prompted for a destination location, as follows:

Accept the default location.

Windows x64 note:

When installing on the Windows x64 platform, the default installation folder will be

C:\Program Files (x86)\TMQ\MARC Report

instead of the location in the previous screenshot.

“Program Files (x86)” is the correct location.

Do not try to force the program to install in “C:\Program Files\TMQ\MARC Report” on the x64 platform–the program will not function correctly

Next Steps

The installation should not take more than a minute or two.

When the installation is complete:

  • If you (or someone else) logged in above as an Admin user to install the program, logout of that account, then login as the user that will use the program. 1)
  • Start the program–this step is required to finalize the installation by adding the default folders to the My Documents area and setting up the default options.


If you are installing the program on multiple computers, and/or are using an automated package to install the program, you may find this list of command-line switches useful.

All options in MARC Report are saved in the user's My Documents folder (in a subfolder named 'MarcReport'). Therefore, if an administrator installs the program, and then starts the program, any options that are set will be valid only for the administrative logon, and not for the actual user (if different).
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