Re-Installing MARC Report

This page describes reinstalling the program in order to fix a problem.

If you are installing or updating the program, follow these steps

Please read through this page once before beginning; it is not quite the usual Remove/Install steps.

If you have customized the program, and want to preserve your changes, please check this page first.

If you are having repeated problems with an installation, try the steps in the 'Troubleshooting' section, below, first.

Ensure a clean install

1. Use Windows to uninstall MARC Report

Note: If you do not have Admin privileges on your computer, you will not be able to uninstall or install the program.
Logout and login as a user with Admin privileges, or find someone to do this for you.

Follow these steps to uninstall the progam:

  • In windows, navigate to: Control Panel|Programs and Features
  • Look for 'MARC Report' in the list of currently installed programs
  • Right-click the entry and select Uninstall.
  • If more than one entry for MARC Report is present, Remove them all.

2. Make sure there are no other MARC Report installations on the computer.

The name of the binary file is


Use the windows search tool and make sure no files with this name are on your machine.
If there are (after step 2), then track them down, and delete them.

3. Delete all copies of the user preference file

Use the windows search tool and look for;


There may be a few copies of this file on your machine. Its important to delete them all 1).

4. Delete any desktop/taskbar/start menu shortcuts that the user has referring to MARC Report. These can be re-established once the new installation completes.

Install the program


The most frequent cause of installation problems is the copying files from one computer to another.
The easiest way to attempt to fix this, if the program will start, is to select 'Reset all options' from the main menu under 'Options'.

1. If instead, the program starts but pops up an error message and then closes, follow the steps on this page:
Reset options using the 'Run' command'

2. If you are having repeated problems re-installing, there may be a previous setting in the registry that is fouling up the re-install attempt.
Older versions of MARC Report set keys in this section of the windows registry:


To solve this problem, download, install, and run the following utility: registryCleaner.exe

This utility deletes user registry keys for MARC Report and MARC Global.
Be sure to run the utility as the windows user that will use the program.

3. On the x64 platform, check that MARC Report isn't installed in

C:\Program Files\TMQ\MARC Report

This is a specifically x64 program directory on windows and our software will not run correctly if installed there.

It must instead be installed in

C:\Program Files (x86)\TMQ\MARC Report
because if there is any incorrect info in one of these files it will cause the app itself to fail
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