MARC Report 246: Program enhancements

Encoding upgrade

MARC Report version 246 adds an easy-to-use function that upgrades the encoding of a MARC-8 record to UTF-8.

This might be useful when the data in the records is going to be exposed or shared on the web, which is based on UTF-8.

This new option is available in Edit Sessions from the Edit menu, or by pressing <Ctrl><Alt><U> when viewing a record.


The record is automatically saved when <Ctrl><Alt><U> shortcut is pressed. If you have any other changes pending on the record when this shortcut is pressed, they too will also be saved. To restore the record to its original state, press Undo.

You may also press <Ctrl><Alt><U> in Text view, and it will upgrade the encoding and save the record as noted above.

To upgrade the encoding on a file of records, all you have to do is round-trip the records through our MARC/MARCXML utilities. For the steps, please see the second topic on this page.

If you are preparing records to be loaded into a library system, it might be important to use the correct encoding. So, before upgrading the encoding to UTF-8, be sure to check that the library system supports this (if applicable).

RDA Automation utility

In version 246, we have made the RDA Automation feature (normally invoked by pressing <F10> while editing a record) available as a batch-mode utility.

In addition, some new functionality has been added that should help you better tailor the workings of this tool.

Follow this link for the complete, updated details on RDA Automation.

Flash drive installation

Flash drive installation is now available to customers whose institutions have a site licence for MARC Report. We hope to expand this availability to other users in a future version.

For the details, please follow this link.

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