MARC Report: Program changes in 2.45

MARC Report

  • When using the 'Find next' brief message function, the program now automatically highlights the problem when it stops the scan because it found a record that matches.
  • We've added an option that will check our webserver for updates to the RDA relationship designators (and other similar 'list-based' resources). Details here.
  • The 'Brief message filter', which up to now has only accepted tags, will now alternatively accept strings. Details here.
  • This version adds support for using the HTTPS protocol to fetch data from the web.
  • Related Note: Sometime near the end of 2015 (I cannot find any documentation on this change), LC changed the protocol used for permalinks from HTTP to HTTPS. That change broke any code in MARC Report that used permalinks; the added support for HTTPS should fix that.


  • In MARC Global, pressing 'Help' in the setup wizard will display context-sensitive help. For example, if you are on the 'Copy Subfield' options page, and press Help, the help for 'Copy Subfield' will be displayed (in the past, the help for all MG tasks would appear).
  • In MARC Global, a number of options were added to the new (in 244) 'Split Long Tags' function. Details here.
  • A shortcut was added to the function key mapping section of the options so that you can start MARC Global and skip the Patter match form.
  • In MARC Global, we made it a wee bit easier to use the 'Saved Reviews' table by adding the ability to hide columns that you don't want to see, and delete reviews with less prompting.
  • In MARC Global, when importing a review, it will now be added (by default) to a group named 'IMPORTED'–which you can change if you want on the Import/Export form. In the past imported reviews were added to the 'DEFAULT' group.
  • We added a few options to MARC Analysis that will make it possible to restrict the report to only the tag(s) specified by the user. Essentially one disables all of the options, then enters the tag, or range of tags, that one wants to be 'analyzed'.
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