Brief Message filter

This filter makes it easy to quickly process errors pertaining to a particular tag (or tags).

In its simplest form, the Brief message filter consists of a comma-separated list of MARC tags. The program will display error messages that begin with the specified tags, and suppress the rest.

For example, entering


–in the Brief Message filter will display only those errors that begin with '260' or '264' in the Brief messages list.

What's new

Beginning with MARC Report version 245, the Brief message filter will also accept strings (i.e. partial brief messages). For example, after entering the string–

value is not RDA

–into the filter, the program will only return brief messages that contain matching text:

100: Subfield $e value is not RDA 
700: Subfield $e value is not RDA
700: Subfield $i value is not RDA
710: Subfield $e value is not RDA

This makes it easy to find all messages with the same problem, even though they are in different tags and/or subfields (something which isn't possible with more granular filters, like the Find Next–'green arrow'–function, which matches on an entire brief message).

Another example would be to find all records with punctuation problems. For this, simply enter–


–into the filter. This works because MARC Report conscientiously uses this same string whenever it identifies a punctuation error.

Notes about Strings

Do not mix tags and strings in the same filter.

Strings are not case-sensitive, but blank spaces and punctuation marks are observed.

The minimum length of a string is 4 bytes.

Multiple strings cannot be combined (as with comma-separated tags).

Strings should not begin with a tag: instead, use 'Find next' to identify records containing a specific brief message.

The new functionality of this filter is also available in Batch mode–for more information, see the Tag Filter option on the Batch Reports page.

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