MARC Report: Vocabulary term updates

In version 245, the following section was added to the Program Automation page of the options:

This option controls a new feature which it makes it possible for MARC Report to update the lists that it uses to validate vocabulary terms. This update occurs over HTTP, which means that if you are able to access the web with a web browser, then you should be able use the list update feature.

The lists currently included in this option are:

  • RDA Appendix I relationship designators
  • RDA Appendix J relationship designators
  • MARC Source Codes
  • MARC Code List for Countries
  • MARC Code List for Geographic Areas
  • MARC Code List for Languages
  • MARC Code List for Relators

As time goes by, more lists may be supported.

Getting updates

The default option is 'Check but let me choose …'

When this option is selected, MARC Report will check for an update the first time it is started each day. If there is a list update, and the update has not been installed on the computer, you will be asked if you want to install the update:

If you respond Yes, the update proceeds; if No, the update will not take place but you will be reminded that you can update later by pressing the 'Check for updates' button (in the first screenshot above).

If you set this option to 'Never', then MARC Report will not check for updates. But again, you can always get an update by pressing the 'Check for updates' button.

If you set this option to 'Automatic', then MARC Report will check for updates (once a day, as above), and if updates are available, they will be installed; you will still be notified about the update with a small pop-up.

Note: the update check runs only once a day. If for some reason you want to force it to run again, go to your options folder and delete the file named


More information

Comprehensive information about each list update is available here on the wiki via the 'List Updates' link on the sidebar (above, left).

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