MARC Report 238: Changes to the interface

On this page you will find a list of notes regarding the new interface that is being introduced in version 238.

First, you should know that this new interface can be made to behave almost exactly like the old, familiar interface.

Second, this interface applies only to the record editing mode; all of the utilities, including batch mode, function exactly as before.

And last, but not least, this interface has been tested for nearly two years now, by many libraries, large and small. Throughout this beta testing period we have referred to the new interface as 'version 3'.

Screenshots and details of the new interface

What to expect

The first time you start the program, nothing unusual should happen.
There may, of course, be a change to the main form picture.

Position of the main form

If you are using a very small monitor, as on a small, older laptop, when you start the new version, the screen may shift off-center. One of the things that is different about the new interface is that it is completely re-sizeable. So you should be able to grab the form by the top bar, pull it to where you want it to display, and then size the form using 'size-grip'

on the bottom right.

File association

If you are already using the new interface (ie. you have been a 'version 3' beta tester), a problem may arise with windows file association; this will affect users who prefer to start the program by double-clicking on a MARC File.

The reason for this is that the MARC Report executable used in the beta project had a diiferent name (and icon) than the standard executable. This problem should be easily fixed with these steps:

  1. Open the options, goto Program Automation, un-select 'Register [.mrc] …'
  2. Close the options, close the program
  3. Open the program, go back to Options|Program Automation, select 'Register [.mrc] …'
  4. Close the options, close the program

For some greater detail about file association and MARC Report, please refer to this note.

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