MARC Report Version 238

Background: 'Version 3'

'Version 3' was the name we applied to the new MARC Report interface during its (somewhat long) beta period. We did this so that users could try the new interface without disturbing their existing '2.xx' version.

Beginning with version 238, the interface previously dubbed 'Version 3' will now form the standard MARC Report installation.

The 'old' interface (i.e., the one that is not re-sizeable) will be distributed with the program for at least another version. However, no changes will be made to the code for this interface1).

Customizable windows

In version 238, the Edit session window is completely re-sizeable; grab a corner of the window and re-size it as you would any window.

In addition, the use of splitter bars (red arrows) make it possible to either completely close, or resize to your own preference, the following nested windows:

  • Fixed Field panel
  • Brief Message panel
  • Notes panel

By folding up the fixed field panel at the top, and the Message and Note panels on the right, the main screen can now be sized as small–

–or as large as you would like:

In addition, very long fields now display correctly and do not jump around in the main view when you try to edit them.

Note the 520 field in the screenshot below. When a field is too large to completely display on your desktop (if, for example, your screen is not large enough), an internal scrollbar will–automatically–open inside the MARC window (on the right side of the field) as soon as you click on the field–you may now easily navigate to wherever you need to go:

Multiple Views

Notice the tabs along the left-side of the window in the above screenshot; each tab switches to a different 'view' of the current record. All of the navigation controls at the bottom of the form remain fixed, however–so its now possible, for example, to navigate through a file completely in Text mode, if you wish.

Screenshots and descriptions of each 'view' are available from the links that follow.


Another related enhancement in version 238 is the support for 'filtering' the records in an edit session.

Filtering makes it possible for you to focus your work in an Edit session by selecting–using a variety of methods–only those records, or problems, that you want to look at.

Apart from the 'Find Next' error function that has always been available in MARC Report, there are four additional ways to filter records in version 238:

  • Brief message filter
  • MARC Review filter
  • TitleList filter
  • Bookmarks

Click here to learn more about filters in version 238.

Keep in mind that all validation, cataloging checks, options, and utilities are separate modules in MARC Report, and thus, even if the interface itself is not updated, it will still access the latest code for the aforementioned modules
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