MARC Report 238: Text view

In the new interface you no longer need to press <F10> to access TextView–a text view is immediately prepared whenever you navigate to a new record. If you wish, Brief message and Notes are also available in Text view by opening the right-hand panel (in the screenshot below, this panel is closed).

In addition, edits in Text view are now automatically reflected in all other views, and vice-versa.

Also, a Find/Replace toolbar is now available in Text view at the bottom of the screen. Click the 'Find/Replace' button once to display the toolbar; click it a second time to hide it:

Finally, the Print/Format drop-down menu adds the followings options for formatting a text view for printing:

  • Include the filename and record number at the top of the report
  • Specify the column at which lines are wrapped
  • Convert diacritic characters to their hex representation
  • Substitute any character for a blank space in a fixed field
  • Add a blank space before and after every subfield
  • Format the text using LC's MARCBreaker format
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