MARC Report 238: Program Enhancements

In version 238, the interface for viewing and editing records has been updated1).

For more information about the new interface, please visit this link

Important Notes

  • The new interface will include functionality not available in the old interface
  • The validation messages, cataloging checks, and all utilities, are exactly the same regardlesss of what interface is being used.

The other differences between the two interfaces are as follows:

  • Much of the code in the old interface does not properly support XML. Therefore, although we can select a MARCXML or MODSXML, etc., file in the new interface, and open it in MARC Report, the same is not possible in the old interface.
  • The option for Edit Macros in the new interface is much enhanced; this new functionality will not be available in the old interface.

We will provide the old interface in the 238 installation. If for some reason you would like to use this interface instead, please send us an email (let us know why you prefer the old interface) and we will send you the steps to activate it. Also note that the new and old interfaces cannot be running at the same time.

The new interface has been referred to as 'Version 3 beta' in the past
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