If one of our error messages does not seem to be working correctly, or if you feel an error message should be showing and is not, you may want to report the problem to us so we can fix it.

Because of the great amount of detail needed, and the subtle variations in the type of data we work with, the best way to accomplish your goal is to include a copy of a record that manifests the problem in your email.

To do this, select 'Copy record to MARC file' from the Edit menu, or press <F6>. The program will prompt you to enter a filename for the record, or you may accept the default filename (sendmarc.mrc).

The current record will be written to whatever filename is entered, and you may then attach that file to your email.


By default, the F6 option saves the record in the same folder as the currently opened MARC file.

To send us an email please use this address:

Enter 'MARC Report' in the subject and whatever else you may think helpful.

In past versions of the program, there was an option to send a record to us in an email. This option has been removed because it 1) worked only with Outlook, and 2) was incompatible with newer versions of Windows.

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