MARC Report 238: Program Changes

  • We made a few improvements to the functionality of Macros in the new interface. For details–please click here
  • An option was added to MARC Global named 'Include no-hits when reports list search results'. This optionally restores the original list search results behavior, where both list no-hit and hit statistics were displayed.
  • A Cataloging check was added to search for unbalanced parentheses in authority tag 670.
  • We re-categorized two cataloging checks that look for missing 260 fields; the bottom-line is that these messages may now be disabled using the cataloging check editor, whereas in the past one would have to use the Cancelled Messages option to do so (FYI--here is a longer note about this issue).
  • A number of ambiguous cataloging check messages have been re-phrased from “Does not end in punct.” to “Should not end in punct.”
  • A strange MARC problem–a variable field consisting of one data byte followed by a field terminator–was not being identified by the Verify utility1). We've updated the Verify utility to recognize this error and spit out an appropriate message.
  • The limitation of the length of a 'Merge List' to 99,999 items in MARC Global has been removed.
  • In MARC Global, the 'Saved Review' Loader will now display the first 8 autoreviews instad of only one.
  • Batch mode is now also available as a command-line module, which means it is scriptable. Follow this link for details

Auto-open changes

MARC Report should now recognize, automatically convert, and open the following types of files in Edit mode and Batch mode:

  • MARC Tagged Text (the format we use in Text View)
  • MARCBreaker (LC's text format)
  • MODS 3.3 and 3.4 XML


1. The files types listed above must be selected using the program's 'File|Select MARC' menu; double-clicking on them will not open the program2).

2. Not all of the derivative MARC XML3) formats may be auto-opened; it depends on the stylesheet used to create the XML file (and of course, whether we have one that will run the reverse conversion … back to MARC)

3. This behavior will not be available in the old interface.

Since all variable fields must have two indicator bytes, this is technically an invalid MARC construct
unless you have associated the corresponding file extensions with MARC Report, which is not a good idea in most cases
i.e., XML where the MARCXML is transformed into another type of XML
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