The options on this form refer specifically to MARC Global; this form does not display during MARC Review.

Record Marking

Sometimes it is useful to mark records that are modified by MARC Global so that you can later identify changed records, or create subsets of a file that contain only changed records.

Select the 'Mark Records' (pardon the pun) option to mark each record that is changed. When this option is selected, each time a record is changed by MARC Global, the data in the 'Record mark data' box is copied into the tag given in the 'Record mark field' box.

The Record Mark field box should contain a valid MARC tag, followed by a punctuation mark, followed by a subfield. In the case of the leader, enter the position (zero-based) in place of the subfield. For example: '000/22', 900$z, 999$p, etc.

The Record mark data box should contain the data that you want to use as a 'mark'. In the case of the leader, this must be as a single character; keep in mind the default values for the leader (since it would serve no purpose to use these values for a mark). In the case of a variable field, you can enter a string here, such as 'gfix by rf', 'fixed 091202', etc.

Clear Record Marks on each run: If you are dealing with a file that you have previously modified with the 'Mark Records' option, you can use this option to reset your record marks–so that anything marked in the past is cleared, and only those records that are changed in the current run are marked. If the Record Mark Field is the leader, this will reset the indicated position to '0'; if its a variable field, this will delete the field.

Please exercise common sense when using this option. You should not use record marks in any meaningful MARC field. Many vendors use the last two bytes of the leader to mark records (000/22 and 000/23), since these bytes are not really implemented in MARC. The other wise choice would be to use an unused local field (9XX). (You can get a list of all the unused 9XX fields in your database by running the MARC Verify utility on it).

Update or Create the 005 Field

If selected, the 005 will be updated in every record that is changed by the global change run. If a changed record lacks an 005, a new one will be created.

The 005 date/time stamp is constant throughout the run: a date/time stamp is computed at the beginning of the run, and that same date/time stamp is used, where applicable, throughout the run; it is not recalculated for each changed record.

IMPORTANT: Selecting this option also selects the option to sort tags in a record. If you do not want your tags sorted, do not use this option.

Logging of Fixes

The current version of MARC Global contains a log capability. If you have selected the 'Enable logging' option, then for each record that is changed, the following information will be output to the text file entered in the 'Log Filename' edit box:

The record sequence number in square brackets
The control number (as determined by the 'Control Number' setting in this section)
A copy of the data being added, changed, or deleted
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