Updates to MARC Report

There are a few ways to check for new updates to MARC Report.

Visit this wiki

The latest version will always be displayed in the sidebar to the left

In MARC Report

In the main menu of MARC Report, use the option Help|MARC Report Update to check whether there is a new version.

The mailing list

Use your institutional email address to subscribe to the MARC Report mailing list to be informed when there is an update available.
The volume of mail on this list is very low–2 or 3 messages per year.

Click here to subscribe
Click here to unsubscribe


Use the following link to get to the download:

Download MARC Report

MARC Report is usually updated twice a year. The update schedule roughly coincides with changes to the MARC21 standard as published by the Library of Congress.

Only the latest version of the program is available for download.

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