MARC Report command-line options

Here is a list of command-line options supported by MARC Report. These options are not intended for the end-user; their purpose is to make it possible to repair a failed installation, or workaround some other configuration issues with the system.

The syntax is two dashes followed by the option name. Except in the last option, 'sharedsets', all options are boolean 'True' conditions, and are not followed by an equal sign and option value.


Deletes the marcreport.ini file and closes the program; the next time the program starts, it will create a new marcreport.ini with default values.


Make the program behave as if it were running for the first time after a new installation (this includes clearing registration data).


Make the program behave as if it were running for the first time after an update.


Run the program's initialization code and exit


Force shared sets to use the folder supplied in 'pathname' instead of the one in the marcreport.ini file.

Other advanced options

To force MARC Report to only run one instance of itself, add a file named


to the program's installation folder. It does not matter what is in the file, and it may be empty. You will need admin provileges to write a file to this folder.

To force MARC Report to locate the user's folder somewhere other than where Windows wants it to be, add a file named


to the installation folder, and in that file include the path to the desired user folder using the syntax described here

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