How to add a copyright symbol in MARC Global

This page might also be useful in demonstrating the general technique for adding/changing diacritics in MARC Global.

Problem: My records have statements in the 9XX that contain '©2016, TMQ, Inc.' and I want to change the '©' to a copyright symbol. How do I do that in MARC Global?

Solution: Look up the UTF8 values (in hexadecimal format) for the diacritics you want to add/modify.

The hex codes for common diacritics can be found in the MARC Report installation folder, in the keycodes.txt files.
For common UTF8 diacritics, check here.
For common MARC-8 diacritics, check here.

A good website to use for this information is

or you could just google:

UTF8 copyright symbol

The result will be something like

0xC2 0xA9 


c2 a9

Note: if you do use the MARC Report keycodes file, be sure to drop any trailing zeroes. Eg.




Back in MARC Global, we express the hex values prefixed with


Thus, the copyright symbol is


Note, there are no spaces in between (unless you want a space in your data).

In MARC Global, just add the hex to the replacement pattern, like this:

And run the job. That's all there is to it.

The hard part is getting the hex codes.

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