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[rows labeled 01-9F are empty by default]

A1	C58100	Polish L, uppercase
A2	C39800	Scandinavian O, uppercase
A3	C49000	D with crossbar, uppercase
A4	C39E00	Icelandic thorn, uppercase
A5	C38600	Digraph AE, uppercase
A6	C59200	Digraph OE, uppercase
A7	CAB900	Soft sign (prime)
A8	C2B700	Middle dot
A9	E299AD	Musical flat sign 
AA	C2AE00	Patent mark / Registered sign 
AB	C2B100	Plus or minus sign 
AC	C6A000	O-Hook, uppercase
AD	C6AF00	U-Hook, uppercase
AE	CABC00	Alif

B0	CABB00	Ayn
B1	C58200	Polish l, lowercase
B2	C3B800	Scandinavian o, lowercase
B3	C49100	D with crossbar, lowercase
B4	C3BE00	Icelandic thorn, lowercase
B5	C3A600	Digraph ae, lowercase
B6	C59300	Digraph oe, lowercase
B7	CABA00	Hard sign (double prime)
B8	C4B100	Turkish i, lowercase
B9	C2A300	British pound sign 
BA	C3B000	Eth (Icelandic) 
BC	C6A100	O-Hook, lowercase
BD	C6B000	U-Hook, lowercase

C0	C2B000	Degree sign 
C1	E28493	Script small l 
C2	E28497	Phonogram recording copyright
C3	C2A900	Copyright sign 
C4	E299AF	Musical sharp sign 
C5	C2BF00	Question mark, inverted 
C6	C2A100	Exclamation mark, inverted 
C7	C39F00	Eszett sumbol
C8	E282AC	Euro sign

[rows labeled D0-DF are empty by default]

E0	CC8900	Low rising tone mark
E1	CC8000	Grave accent
E2	CC8100	Acute accent
E3	CC8200	Circumflex accent
E4	CC8300	Tilde
E5	CC8400	Macron
E6	CC8600	Breve
E7	CC8700	Dot above character
E8	CC8800	Umlaut (Diaeresis)
E9	CC8C00	Hacek (Caron)
EA	CC8A00	Circle above (Angstrom)
EB	CDA100	Ligature, first (left) half
EC	CDA100	Ligature, second (right) half
ED	CC9500	High comma, off center
EE	CC8B00	Double acute accent 
EF	CC9000	Candrabindu

F0	CCA700	Cedilla
F1	CCA800	Right hook (Ogonek)
F2	CCA300	Dot below character
F3	CCA400	Double dot below character
F4	CCA500	Circle below character
F5	CCB300	Double underscore
F6	CCB200	Underscore
F7	CCA600	Left hook (Comma below)
F8	CC9C00	Right cedilla
F9	CCAE00	Half circle below (Upadhmaniya)
FA	CDA000	Double tilde, first half 
FB	CDA000	Double tilde, second half
FE	CC9300	High comma, centered
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