MARC Report 257: Cataloging Check Changes

This page is produced by an automated comparison of the current cataloging checks (257) with those of the previous version (256).

Message strings have been normalized to prevent slight differences in spacing, punctuation, etc., from being considered a change; but therehas been no attempt to otherwise edit this comparison.

Message Ids for each change listed below are available as comments in the markup; you may access this data by viewing or downloading the source of this page.

Added checks

<!– Id=25070001–> 507: Prefer Tag 255 for Maps     (AACR and RDA)
507: Use field 507 for scale notes in pre-RDA and pre-AACR2 cataloging, or for the scale of graphic materials such as architectural drawings, technical drawings, models, art reproductions, and three-dimensional artifacts. For the scale notation of cartographic materials, cataloged under both AACR2 and RDA, use field 255 (Mathematical data associated with cartographic material, including a statement of scale, statement of projection, and/or a statement of bounding coordinates).

Deleted checks

Modified Flags

Modified Brief Messages

<!– Id=20000018–> 000/06: Map needs Tag 255     (AACR and RDA)       Message changed from: 000/06: Map needs 255 or 507
000/06 (Type of record) contains 'e' or 'f' (cartographic material), so field 255 (Cartographic Mathematical Data) should be present in the record to provide a statement of scale, statement of projection, and/or a statement of bounding coordinates.

Modified Notes

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