MARC Report 236: MARC21 Changes

Version 236 includes updated validation tables that support the changes made to the MARC21 Formats by "Update No. 12"

The changes in this update are few; the most significant change is to Leader/18 to support non-punctuated data (code 000/18 'c', in this case).

Beginning with this version, we have automated our maintenance of the lists used by MARC Report for validating the following:

  • MARC Code list for Countries
  • MARC Code list for Languages
  • MARC Code list for Geographic Areas
  • MARC Code list for Relators

–and, in addition, the various and sundry MARC Source Code lists.

In the past, we tracked modifications to these lists (as announced by LC) in this section of the 'MARC Report Changes' site. As our versions of these lists are now automatically produced (by harvesting them from LC's websites), we will no longer repeat the LC announcements here (if you want to receive these 'Technical Notices', follow this link to sign up for the MARC list).

The current version (of our implementation) of the MARC Source Code list may be found here:

We hope, in a coming version, to make it possible for the user to update MARC Report's copy of these lists without having to update the software.

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