MARC Report 246: Minor changes

  • One of the new cataloging checks added to this version needs special mention: 020: Add $q before qualifying info. Depending on the age and source of the records that you are reviewing, this message may display frequently. But, 020 $q has been around for three years now, so it's time to start making good use of it.
  • Version 246 improves the support for directly opening MARCXML files by dragging and dropping a MARCXML file on the main picture window (when an Edit session is not running). If this doesn't seem to work, please check the drag and drop pre-requisites
  • When using the MARC-to-XML or XML-to-MARC utilities, the program will now automatically generate a results filename if one is not specified. In the past, the user had to specify a results filename, or the utility would not run. The results filename is generated by appending the file extension (.xml or .mrc) to the existing filename. If the resulting filename already exists, it will be unique-ified by adding a sequence number in parens (just like windows).
  • There are so many hyperlinks in current MARC records that we tried to improve MARC Report's responsiveness in this area. For more details, please check launching a browser while editing
  • The filtering capability now supports filtering on cataloging check Message IDs. This applies to both the Edit session's 'Brief message' filter and Batchmode's 'Tag' filter. (To access the list of Message IDs, use the 'Tools' menu in the Cataloging Check editor).
  • The font size of the Fixed fields data has been increased by 1 point. The labels are still very small, and this part of the display is admittedly in need of an overhaul 1)
  • A new option was added to the RDA Appendix J section: 'Capitalize $i phrase when adding to 7XX' (not selected by default; note: only the first letter of the relationship phrase is uppercased). Since these phrases display at the beginning of the relationship in the catalog, some users may want them to begin with an uppercase letter.
  • A number of Cataloging Check messages were overhauled in an effort to exercise some consistency in the format/structure of the brief messages. (This explains the rather large list of changes in the 'Brief Messages' section of the Cataloging Checks Change log for this version.)
  • A new option named 'Print to clipboard“ was added to the File|Print memnu of the edit session. This is an 'on/off' option, which is 'off' by default. When it is 'on', the print option that is clicked is sent to your clipboard instead of the current printer. From there you may paste it into a text document, an email, etc. This option is sticky as long as the program is running (i.e. it resets to 'off' when you close the program).
  • The subject heading validation experiment that begin in version 242 lives on; in version 246:
    • LC subject headings have been updated in our online database,
    • MESH subject validation now supports the new “deconstructed” headings2)
    • Genre heading support now includes 655 validation for GSAFD, FAST, RBGENR, NLM, and the problematic LCGFT),
    • and, internet latency aside, the time to validate has been greatly improved.
but unfortunately, the code for it was written during an era when the programmer was not observing the K-I-S-S principle, and as a result, this code is not easy to tweak
a brilliant idea; again, NLM is leading the way
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