MARC Report 244: Program changes

* A new page named 'RDA' has been added to the Options form. The options that control the adding of 336/7/8 tags when <F10> is pressed have been moved to this page, along with the large set of options that have been added for the new RDA vocabulary support in this version (see Program enhancements for details)

* Somewhat related to the above, we have tried to make the MARC Help page that pops up when we press <F1> more useful when the context is one that supports a codelist or vocabulary.

* The 'Concatenate Files' utility has been updated to support dragging and dropping files onto the file selection panel. Also, some of the captions have been changed to make them less ambiguous.

* Many of the option forms, throughout the program, have been updated with larger fonts, and overlapping captions have been fixed, etc. (If you still find any 'squinters' after this update, please let me know and I will fix them. Thanks)

* This version introduces a new method for customizing the MARC Source codes list (which in MARC Report is distributed in a file called 'codelist.txt'). The details in this are here.

* In MARC Review/MARC Global, when using the fixed field editor, pressing <F1> should now display the same MARC Help dialog as you would see when pressing <F1> in an Edit Session1).

* The program Help (as opposed to 'MARC Help', which displays only when editing a record and you press <F1>), is no longer modal. It remains visible until you close it or the program ends, and you can return your work while it is still showing. By default, program help is displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

* In MARC Analysis, the option to 'Output custom lists only' has been changed to behave a little more like what it says. Now, after the basic reports on the filename, size, number of tags, etc., no other data besides that for the defined custom tags will be reported. In the past, quite a few additional statistical sections were also displayed when this option was selected.

* A small clarification re: the menu option 'Exit (No Save)'. This option copies the behavior of closing a session (by clicking [x] in the top right corner): if any changes were made, and saved, the Session results dialog will be run. In all other cases, including opening a file, changing a record, but not saving the record, the session will be closed without saving (whereas if you just press [x] without saving a record, the program will warn you to save it).

This might also be viewed as a bug fix, since this functionality was previously present … although many years ago
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