MARC Report 244: Program Enhancements

RDA Relationships

MARC Report version 244 adds support for the RDA relationship designators (often referred to as 'Appendix I' and 'Appendix J' by catalogers).

This support is available both while editing and during validation, and has a very granular set of options so that you may customize it to meet your needs (or disable it entirely).

For the details, please visit this page

MARC Global: Split Long Fields

MARC Report 244 also adds a new global change type named 'Split long fields'.

This option makes it possible to search a file for fields over a specified length, split them, and rewrite the record so that no field is over a (second) specified length.

This 'splitting' supports the use of MARC control subfield $8 to maintain the link and sequencing of the split fields.

For the details, please visit this page

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