MARC Report 2.39: Problems resolved

  • A few users reported that the new Edit session interface has behaved erratically when the session is closed. On investigation, these problems turn out to be issues with the program operating in an unfamiliar manner. More details here
  • Somewhat related to the above, we have tried to make the 'Edit Session' results window (the form that pops up when we close an edit session) in the new version look and function more like it did in the pre-238 versions. In addition, this change should also get rid of an annoying screen flicker that might occur when closing a session.
  • In MARC Global, a problem with the use of the 'Data Occ' option in the 'Change data' task, when the regular expression option is enabled, has been resolved. More details here
  • We've overhauled the program to fix a windowing issue that might occur (unpredictably) in the utilities; the symptom would be a pop-up message–saying something innocuous like 'The task is complete'–hidden underneath another window in the program, thus giving the program the appearance of being locked up.
  • There was a bug in the Local Validation table for 007 tags; specifying an 007 would result in the label 'Unspecified' format–even if a format was specified. Fixed in 239
  • When displaying the 008 for a serials or an authority record in MARC Report's default view, the bottom row of fixed field elements did not draw properly (because they overlayed a caption at the bottom of the Fixed Field form). Fixed in 239.
  • Backup options problem: When closing the program, some users received a pop-up message stating there was an 'BackupOptions Error'. This problem should finally be fixed (so if you have disabled the options backup to workaround this, you may now re-enable it). More details here
  • The XML-to-MARC utility was tweaked slightly to support MARCXML records from and from 1).
the writer finds it strange enough to footnote that the same record, rendered into MARCXML by two different LC servers, will result in two renderings different enough to require a tweak, but … so it goes
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