Backup Options problem

In recent versions of the program, users have reported seeing message like the following when they close MARC Report:

The cause of the original error message should now be fixed1)

In addition, we have re-directed these pop-up messages, should they legitimately occur in the future, to the programs error log, which is located in '[My Documents]\MarcReport\mrErrLog.txt'

Also, you may now test whether the Backup option will generate errors when the program closes by following these steps:

  • Start the program
  • Select the Program Automation tab on the Options menu
  • Locate the 'Backup Options' box on the right
  • If the Backup options checkbox is selected, uncheck it
  • Now select the Backup options checkbox

The program will now run the options backup in diagnostic mode and display any error messages to the screen (it will also append any messages to the errlog as noted above). If no message pops up, then assume that there are no problems with the backup option.

our code, incorrectly, expected the source folder to have a specific string in it
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