Changes in MARC Report 235

  • All of the validation tables were updated to reflect the changes announced by LC for MARC Update No. 11
  • All of the validation tables were updated to coincide with the overhaul of the MARC Codelists being performed by LC. (Refer to the 'MARC Changes' section of this release for more information. In addition, we have created some codelist documentation for our own use, which you may also find useful–click 'MARC Notes' on the left).
  • Related to the above, a large number number of Cataloging checks were added to comprehensively cover those situations where the source codes specified in subfield $2 are 'controlled' by an indicator value (the classic example, for which there has always been a check, is BIB 650 I2=7)
  • A new cataloging check was added that checks all fields for one punctuation mark followed by the same punctuation mark (there are a few exceptions to this, such as ellipsis, double-dashes, URIs, etc.)
  • A cataloging check that looks for a lack of punctuation in 546 subfield $b was added (if either the AACR or LCRI punctuation are present, no message will be shown)
  • Several cataloging checks were added for the 505 field. Those that check the indicators vrs. the punctuation in the field are straightforward, but those checking the punctuation vrs. the subfield coding are not–Details and examples here
  • Support for validation of the ISSN Center codes in 022 subfield $2 was added. This is the first codelist to be supported by MARC Report that is not maintained by LC–Details here
  • A cataloging check was added that looks for 008/19 = 'mu' (multiple forms) when 047 subfield $a contains a code from the list mentioned above, and a check was added for the reverse (008/19 = 'mu' but 047 subfield $a not present).
  • We've been wrestling a bit with an error message pertaining to the 490/8XX–Details here
  • A couple of new statistics and a minor formatting change have been added to MARC Analysis–Details here.
  • The automatic backup of user-customizable data that normally takes place when MARC Report closes has been improved–Details here
  • A new option was added to the Verify utility that might help salvage records that were previously considered errors–Details here.
  • Support for a new LCCN prefix, 'ns', has been added to the validation of authority records. This prefix will be used by SkyRiver when creating new records for NACO.
  • A cataloging check was added that looks for title (245) fields that are lacking subfield $b.
  • Support for customized versions of the Country-Place table, and the Keycodes table, has been added–Details here
  • An option to manually enter a reviewId was added to the 'Saved Review Loader' form in MARC Review and MARC Global–Details here
  • A new function was added to the Concatenate Files utility that makes it possible to interleave the records from files (in contrast to simply joing the files together)–Details here
  • In the MARC Report options, if profiles are enabled and a non-default profile is being edited, the option 'Set as Default' is available. In the past, using this option would not update values on the 'Files & Directories' tab. This behavior has been changed in 235, so that these options will also be copied from the active profile.
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