ISSN Center Codes

In version 235, MARC Report will correctly validate subfield $2 of the 022 field. This subfield contains a code indicating the 'ISSN Center responsible for assigning and maintaining ISSNs and related data'.

This codelist is maintained by the ISSN organization. We found the list by following these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Click the 'Documentation' link along the top bar
  • Click the link called 'Country codes'
  • Click the link called 'Country codes/Centre codes'

There are three fields in the list: country name, country code. and ISSN Center code. MARC Report does not use the country code, which is derived from ISO-3166, but instead uses the MARC Code List for Countries maintained by LC.

Another point to note about the ISSN Code list is that it contains duplicate code values. For example, code '0', 'International', is assigned to 115 different countries.

MARC Report does not at present crosscheck the ISSN Code value against the Country code in the 008.

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