When you complete a MARC Review or MARC Global run and elect to 'Save Review', all of the options that you configured for the run are gathered together and saved as a record in a database.

We use the term 'review' to refer to this record, and we call this database your 'Saved Reviews'. You can access your Saved Reviews by pressing the 'Options' button.

This screen displays a summary of the review that is being saved. All of the fields on this screen are read-only, except for the NAME field. Here you may enter a user-friendly name for the review being saved. If you leave this field blank, the program will automatically create a 'Name' for the review using the Description field.

If you enter a Name for a review that already exists, the program will display a warning that prompts you to either change the name, or overwrite the exiting review. The review id number of the conflicting review name will also be displayed (in parentheses) so that you can cancel out of the dialog and investigate the conflict.

NOTE: The Review ID field is a control number that the program assigns to each review; even if a review is deleted, this number will not be re-assigned.

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