When you complete a MARC Review or MARC Global run and elect to 'Save this run for Later Re-use', all of the options that you configured for the run are gathered together and saved as a record in a database. We use the term 'review' to refer to this record, and we call this database your 'Saved Reviews'.

This form displays the list of all of the reviews that you have saved. You can re-run any of these reviews by clicking on the Load button when the program starts. Once the review is loaded, the program jumps ahead to the Output screen, since you may want to make changes to the result filenames, if applicable.

You can select Saved Reviews and add them to an AutoReview (in MARC Global) by dragging them from the right (the blue grid) to the left (the red grid). AutoReviews can be used to create macros for MARC Report editing, or to create powerful batch jobs that run many reviews on a file simultaneously. For more information, see the help on the Auto Review screen.

You can sort the saved reviews on any column or field by clicking on the label at the top of the column. You can re-size any column, and you make the form bigger by grabbing the sizegrip in the bottom right corner with your mouse.

All of the fields in the Saved Reviews are read-only, except for the 'Review Name' field. You can change this field to whatever you want.

You can delete a saved review by selecting the review and pressing <Ctrl><Delete> (hold down the <Ctrl> key and press the <Delete> key).

The Review ID field is a unique number assigned by the program to each review that is saved. A Review ID number is used only once; if a review is deleted, its ID number is not re-used.

An important (perhaps obvious) thing to note about a saved review is that the MARC source filename is never saved with your options. This is what makes it possible to run a saved review on any MARC file.


To change a review that you have saved, load the review, and then make changes using the option forms; when you are done, save the changes and overwrite the original review.


Testing a review involves setting up the options, running the review, and checking the results. If the file you are running the review on is large, you can press the Cancel button at any time to stop the review and look at the results gathered so far.

Sometimes, you will find that you need to change an option to get exactly the result you wanted. It is easy to do this using the 'Go Back' button to page through the options in MARC Review to make a change to a parameter.

If you are outputting to text you can test the results by selecting 'Open results in Notepad'. If you are outputting to MARC, leave the program on the 'Results' screen when the run is complete, then open up another session of MARC Report on the MARC output file and have a look at the results.

If the results are correct, save the review; if not, go back and reconfigure the review and try it again.

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